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Rags & Rainbows is the story of a magical little Unicorn and all of her friends.

Together they want to help save the planet by recycling and re-using everyday objects and making them into beautiful and interesting things. They love it when it rains, as it helps the trees and flowers grow, and when the sun comes out it creates brightly coloured rainbows.
You can help River and her friends save the planet by helping to re-use and recycle the things that we throw away every day and teaching your friends and family to do the same.

Let's Meet River's Friends...

Rags and Rainbows Story

Meet the artist

Loves wonky old rescue cats & chocolate orange & scruffy jeans & houseplants & flowers oh & any cats & a glass of wine (or 2), & creepy crawlies. Loves ALL animals & friends & family & our beautiful planet (we've only got one so let's not MESS it up... & the 70's... Technology was simple & I knew how to use the TV, & SUNSHINE!!!
Dislikes brushing my hair & coriander (wrong on every level) having my photo taken (just stand behind a tall person) & carrots... they just taste like, well, carroty & cleaning the house & people who drop litter, no need ever & dark nights & plastic :(
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