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First Ever Blog (Scary)

23 April 2020

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Well hello there!

How are you? I’m a teeny bit lost for words as I never thought that this day would finally come, but here we are, about a year and a half later than when I told myself that I’d like to have my little website open in about 8 weeks!

But hey, you’ve got to have a dream, and I’ve been dreaming of doing this for a long time now so I figured I’ve got nothing to lose, I’ve always loved designing children’s characters, so wanted to combine this with my love for the environment and all of its beautiful creatures, so here we are!

It hasn’t all gone quite to plan, as the dreaded C word hit the UK hard just as Rags and Rainbows was about to launch, but what this has done is given me time to re-evaluate, and add some charity listings, plus some little free download projects to the website to keep little ones out of mischief while we’re all staying at home.

Enough rambling, I really hope you enjoy having a look around the site, and getting to know our little characters, I’d love you to stick with my little brand and see where it goes from here,

thanks so much for taking the time out to look! xxxx

P.s As you can probably tell, I couldn’t choose a photo that I liked so thought hey ho let’s go with me and a really large rabbit, and some very questionable hair and decor, sadly no prizes for guessing the year…Shhh